FAQs with #WFW2011’s Creative Director

It’s the second year of Winchester Fashion Week, and we thought it would be a good idea to start at the beginning. As last year was such a big hit, we asked one of 2011’s Creative Directors, Vikki Weston a few questions about herself, and why she decided to start Winchester Fashion Week.

1. Before starting WFW, what did you do?

I had lived in Winchester my whole life but popped off to do an Art Foundation course at UCA Epsom for a year. I had then moved to London where I worked part time in retail and ran WFW from my little East London flat that I shared with my WFW partner in crime, Poppy Koumis.

2. Why did you decide to start WFW?

Poppy had been in talks with the council and her mother, for some time before I heard of any plans. When I first heard about it, it hadn’t been named WFW, we just knew that Winchester needed a fashion event; and Poppy and myself being slightly mad at the time, decided on a fashion WEEK!! We had no idea what we were letting ourselves in for!! The conversations with the council started due to the success of Triptych Sixth Form Art Festival that ran for about 6 years. When Poppy and I worked on Triptych, our year was the first year to involve fashion into the festival, and it seemed to be a big hit with the Winchester crowd…and so WFW was born!

3. What were your initial ideas?

We wanted to create an organisation that would support all of the amazing local design talent, celebrate the world of fashion, and open up people’s eyes to what fashion really is. We wanted this event to be for EVERYONE: young and old, men, women and children!!! We obviously had some loony ideas at first, but I’m amazed to say that most of our initial ideas actually happened!! The big Cirque Du Fashion shows were always our aim, and to create a fashion magazine…and it happened!!!

4. How did you choose the team you wanted to work with?

As we were both ex-Peter Symonds students, we had a lot of contacts there and knew of people who had been involved in Triptych so we pulled together as many people as we could. We also conducted interviews for a couple of team positions, where we found the amazing Anna who is of course this year’s Director!

5. Did you think it would be as successful as it was?

I had no idea!! We obviously dreamt it would be, and our aim was always for it to continue as an annual event but we could have never imagined that we would show in our VERY FIRST WFW a London Fashion Week designer!!!!! (Mark Fast).

WFW 2011 TEAM: Beki Lawrence, Anna Ackroyd, Poppy Koumis, Vikki Weston & Vicki Lampard

6. What was your proudest moment?

There were sooo many proud moments. I was always proud when I was representing WFW, whether it was meeting local businesses/designers, doing interviews for press/media etc etc. To be part of something that was involving so many local people, and growing by the second was amazing. We had many proud moments with the team, we all grew really close, and I loved sharing a victory with them, whether it was simply securing a venue or just getting giddy with excitement in the run-up to the week, when it suddenly hit us what was happening!! Personally I will never forget when I represented WFW at Vogue in London where I interviewed Fashion Director, Lucinda Chambers. It was literally a dream come true, and the fact she had invited WFW to VOGUE was something I could never even have dreamt of! Finally the evening of our final CDF show at the Guildhall was an emotional and proud moment, it was all over, and I couldn’t believe we had done it!! That night will live with me forever.

7. Do you have any advice for those wanting to start up their own organisation?

It’s so much fun and you will learn SO MUCH, but be prepared for all the hard work!! One of the hardest things is as young people, you often have a lot of people thinking you might not be able to pull it off, so have confidence in yourself and if you remain positive you will succeed. Working with a team is an amazing experience so really get to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each team member so that the team will work effectively.

8. What are your plans for the future?

I’m currently studying at London College of Fashion doing a degree in Fashion Management. I hope that this will take me into a marketing or PR position within the fashion industry. While studying I’m also doing the odd radio appearance on BBC Radio Solent, as well as blogging at vikkilondon.wordpress.com, so hopefully this will continue and grow into some exciting opportunities!

I just want to say a huge thanks to Vikki for taking the time to answer our questions, and good luck in the future! We hope this year will again be a huge success, so keep checking the blog for updates, and watch out for our magazine (coming soon).

words by katie fisher @KatieFisher15

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