24 Hours in her Shoes

Name: Anna Ackroyd
Age: 20
University Degree: Events Management and Business Studies at The University of Winchester

Role within WFW: Managing Director

What inspired her to take part: The diverse creative industries in Winchester and the budding community spirit.

What’s filling up her diary for the next few months:

  • Meeting with Capital FM
  • Winchester Festivals meeting
  • Catwalk master class scheduled for April
  • Shoot in a WW2 bunker

This is Anna’s second year of involvement with Winchester Fashion Week, yet for 2012 she’s been promoted from events manager to Managing Director meaning her days are far more hectic than before.  Looking over a typical Monday, its surprising how she fits so much into 24 hours. Highly motivated and not minding early mornings, we think Anna is going to bring an organised and exciting energy to this year’s Winchester Fashion Week.

A Typical Monday

0730 hours – After a long evening of working at Norton Park Hotel, waking up and having to fight for the shower was not exactly what Anna would have chosen to do on a Monday morning! Living with five girls has its downsides.

0900 hours – Just making it to her lecture on time, Anna settles into her ‘Presenting Events’ module. With thoughts of her busy day ahead, her concentration inevitably wavers on her least favourite lecture.

1100 hours – Lecture over and done and Anna can be seen at the library to work on her final year project (FYP) titled ‘Young People, technology and corporate etiquette in the 21st century’. Anna is very motivated by her chosen title and is enjoying every minute of writing it. She has known what she has wanted to do from the start of her second year of university and has been inspired by William Hanson – the youngest etiquette expert in the UK.

1330 hours – After lunch, Anna participates in a site visit of the military museum where Winchester Fashion Week will be using the uniforms for the soldiers and land-girls catwalk. Ideas for WFW are starting to take shape!

1430 hours – Being the managing director of WFW is no easy task. A typical Monday would include numerous important meetings. A quick commute to Winchester Council, Anna meets with Alison Woods, the Economic Development manager in the tourist information centre. Alison helps WFW out with licensing and risk assessments.

1600 hours – Next stop, Starbucks. Her drink of choice: skinny caramel coffee frappucino on a hot day, skinny caramel hot chocolate on a cold day. Another meeting with a possible Winchester Fashion Week contact, Betty from Cath Kidston, with ideas for a workshop (details TBC, very exciting!).

1800 hours – A WFW core team meeting tops off a busy day. More ideas and planning for #WFW2012 to discuss!

2000 hours – Home to a free shower, a quick change and to find that her housemates have cooked dinner. Out to Greens afterwards to meet the girlies for drinks and to gossip about their day.

words by Alice Plaskett

thanks to Anna Ackroyd


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