Styling up with ‘The Stylettes’

Some people liven up events with balloons, some people ply their guests with food and drink, but why not perk up the atmosphere with a live band? The Stylettes bring something “a bit more unique” to the table, playing covers in a way which are “so tuneful people end up walking away whistling them not having realised they actually like the song so much”.

The big appeal of the band? “The look is essentially what we do”; without vintage, they would be just another cover band. But Marty, Rory, Jet and Loretta saw a gap in the market for a ‘50s and ‘60s styled band and took the leap. They thrive on British celebrations of the past.

Marty “the ladies man” plays guitar and Rory “the village idiot” is on vocals and bass. They were originally a song writing team, “a la Lennon and McCartney”, playing their own songs with Jet “the hard man” on drums and vocals. Loretta “the talent of the band” was approached to front the band on vocals.

The band’s sound is heavily influenced by Rory and Marty’s love of the era, between them owning a classic jukebox and a great collection of old 45 records. They are also heavily reliant on the fashions of the era to create the feel of the band. Their approach to fashion is “cool and dapper, unique and retro” which describes their music down to a T.

“The British past is very cool, so why not hark back to it with what we wear and what we do?” And this is exactly what the band does. They bring their take on retro fashions to gigs wherever they can. They have played anything from weddings and birthdays to private clubs and pubs.

Most recently, they visited Winchester Guildhall with the Vintage Fair. “We don’t get to play many grand buildings like that! It was a superb event.”

“Every member of the band ended up going home having bought something from the fantastic array of stalls”.  Clothes and cameras were their tipples of the day, so if you catch them at their next gig, they are sure to be showing off their new purchases!

words by Bryony Symes

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