Transitioning into Spring

Photograph by Alys Key

So, yesterday was officially the first day of spring. The signs, however, have been showing since pretty much the beginning of the month: blooming daffodils, sunshine at lunchtime and, most noticeably, a shedding of layers as everyone starts to move on to their Spring/Summer wardrobe.

While it isn’t quite warm enough to start testing out the season’s shorts and skirts without tights (unless you’re really brave… and I seem to know a lot of brave people), we certainly like to take the opportunity to stow away that thick coat which we had no option but to wear all winter. Plus, it is a well-known fact that any hint of sunshine will send the British public rushing to the park in their lunch break, sun lotion ready, desperate for a tan. Unfortunately, we don’t live in Malibu or Ibiza, or anywhere with even vaguely predictable weather, so the best option is to wear what I call a ‘transitional outfit’ which can fit both warm and cool weather

So how can one stay stylish whilst sticking to the Scout motto to ‘always be prepared’? This is where the designers come in. Many of the most popular trends this season reflect our wish for an ideal summer day, but layer these with unexpected pieces to create an exciting look which is both fresh and practical. The idea reaches its peak in festival fashion, when the practicality of wax jackets and wellingtons are mixed with outrageous bohemian styles to produce something unique.

This season, 3 of the biggest trends lend themselves to transitional outfits.











photographs from – Etro – Jaeger London – Felipe Oliveira Baptista S/S 2012

Pastels encourage a mood of care-free sweetness, as the colours match those of the ice-cream you get by the seaside. It often comes in a floaty fabric too, which is decidedly optimistic that the heat will be such that this is required to keep cool, so the best thing to pair such pieces with is a contrasting think denim. Try a denim jacket over a floaty pink dress, or jeans with a light yellow top.

As for the sporting look, why not try investing in an old school American baseball jacket? It makes the perfect cover-up for most casual sportswear looks and adds a touch of nostalgia to an otherwise very modern style.

Finally, this season’s love affair with the 1920s can make for some great spring outfits. You can go for a flapper look in the evening, which is easily protected from the chill with some vintage furs. Alternatively, you could hunt down the perfect 20s coat. The loose-fitting silhouettes and drop-waists really make them a good choice for contrasting with a tighter modern outfit underneath.

Now you know how to dress transitionally, it’s time to enjoy the first few days of spring!

words by Alys Key


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