Why I’m looking forward to Winchester Fashion Week

Can you believe there are only 2 months to go until fashion week starts? I certainly can’t! Though it will be a long two months of waiting, since many of us have exams, work, planning and just general living to do until then. Nevertheless, it can’t hurt to build the anticipation a little, and as preparations are getting underway, I’ve been seeking out the opinions of Winchester folk to see why they’re getting excited.

I had to start with the Journalism team, whose names you will recognise if you are a regular reader of this blog! All of us have been putting in a load of work to produce the best coverage we can for fashion week and it is always gratifying to see hard work come into fruition. Katie says “I’m most looking forward to the moment it all comes together and seeing what we have achieved; also seeing some of Winchester’s finest local talent!” Emily is looking forward to “seeing the magazine in print, because it will be AWESOME! No idea of the schedule yet but I’m definitely looking forward to the catwalk show.” Also, Alix, our leader can’t wait to “see people reading W/S magazine all over town, and going to some of my first WFW events, especially the Cirque Du Fashion shows.”

Fashion week is going to be very important for everyone in Winchester but in particular the younger sect of the population, who often find the need to travel elsewhere for their fashion fix. This is particularly evident at Peter Symonds College, where anyone who isn’t involved in putting events together is looking forward to enjoying them. After all, when you don’t have a school uniform for the first time since Reception, fashion becomes a huge aspect of your everyday life. Simon Fern, newly-elected President of the Symonds Student Union, had this to say: ‎”I’m looking forward to seeing the diversity of creative expression coupled with such enthusiasm; the events around it look great, even for the fashion-challenged such as myself.”

In fact, there is a slowly building atmosphere of excitement throughout the whole city. Everyone is looking forward to enjoying a great week and maybe even breaking a few stereotypes along the way. One girl I spoke to definitely wants some misconceptions to be challenged: “Personally, I think that often, views of Winchester’s fashion are really warped and it will be nice to show what it’s really like.” But let’s not forget that the whole event is hugely important for all lovers of fashion. Another resident was “excited to see the buzzing and lively activity in Winchester and the bringing together of artists, designers and models. And just celebrating and enjoying Fashion with others.” I tried to get a balanced view by asking a boy, so I could get a male perspective on how important fashion is to the city, but he said “Fashion in the intrinsic ethos of human life by which we run our lives and judge ourselves.” I think there may have been a hint of sarcasm there…

Are you looking forward to Fashion Week? Which part are you most excited about?

words by Alys Key @FashionMoriarty


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