Vintage Hair Lounge

We spoke with the Vintage Hair Lounge at the Winchester Vintage Fair @vintagefair

Gloria and Sharron Halloway are keeping it in the family. In 2010 they launched a vintage hair and make-up salon in Southampton, but soon found that it was much more rewarding to travel the vintage fairs and shows such as Goodwood Revival and Vintage at Southbank. The team also work on vintage fashion shows and will be at South Coast Internationals this June. Gloria was trained in hairdressing in the 1960s and Sharron has been doing hair and make-up for films for years, meaning both have the skills which they believe newly-trained hairdressers lack; “a lot of younger hairdressers don’t understand the steps, techniques and shapes that are needed”. Sharron emphasises the time-constraints of these kinds of events; “It is very limiting in this environment, you need to have lots of tricks up your sleeve” and says that the key is getting a good shape for a particular era. They see vintage hair and makeup as a way to embrace our rich culture, saying that “we do it so well here, with all the extras like tea and cupcakes and music that make it very integrated and special.”

words Bryony Symes



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