British inspired jewellery: ECB Designs

Here at WFW, we love to celebrate local creative talent, and this week I met with jewellery designer and maker Emma Clifton-Brown of ECB Designs, who is currently working on some pieces to be submitted to feature at one of WFW’s catwalk shows!

Emma describes her work as a mix between contemporary costume jewellery with hand crafted features and a fashion edge. What is clear to see in all her pieces is a blend between the old and the new. Her jewellery is very much about upcyling old and forgotten bits and pieces and customers often bring her old jewellery, vintage memorabilia, family heirlooms and forgotten so-called junk  for reinvention! The two necklaces below were made from an old key, and a passed-down engagement ring:













If you fancy dabbling in jewellery design and have some vintage trinkets gathering dust in the attic, you can even join her for some crafty upcyling evenings to create some personalised jewellery! What Emma enjoys most about these evenings is gathering people together to inspire their creativity and ability to know what they like.

What I think Winchester Fashion Week brings to the local creative scene is a young, contemporary fashion edge. Equally, Winchester has a wealth of creative folk that contribute a more handmade crafts-orientated influence into fashion week, making it truly unique. Emma has been busy creating some pieces for WFW 2012 in collaboration with Soobird Hats, inspired by our Best of British theme. She’s taken the design of peacock feathers as a basis to develop from. Here’s a sneak peek so far:

The designs are drawn and printed onto a plastic material which is then heated and shrunk in the oven to produce the above. Do you think these bold, linear black and white pieces would work well on a catwalk? Let us know what you think!

Look out for Emma’s work, surely cropping up all round Winchester in the near future. You may even see her designs on a WFW catwalk… we’ll have to wait and see! If you want to know more about ECB designs, check out her blog: or contact Emma on

words and photographs Alix Rothnie

first two images via

3 Responses to “British inspired jewellery: ECB Designs”
  1. Esther Bissessar says:

    Well done Emma ! I love it..especially love the graphic b/w pieces..Est x

  2. Creative, unique and one-of-a-kind, each of the collections are a treasure trove of immense beauty.

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