Where & Wear – The Black Bottle

Good afternoon readers. Have you by now completely replaced all your exciting new spring fashion purchases with your previous woolly winter wardrobe? Yeah, me too. I have never been so grateful to my trusty Mac than I have been over the last few sodden weeks, not to mention my oversized umbrella. Despite the rain I hope you enjoyed last week’s edgy monochrome look that we took to The Railway? While I adore a classic black and white look, this weekend I feel as though I need something a little more colourful to cheer up the dull days. And as a true blustery winter’s evening requires, I fancy a nice rich and warming glass of red wine to settle me in for the night.

Whether it’s the deep and luxurious reds you’re after or the fresh and light tangs of a glass of white, The Black Bottle undoubtedly has a tipple for every taste. This is a true wine bar as it should be. Extensive choice, unfailingly knowledgeable staff, affordable (or some not so, should you wish to splash out) prices, a dash of novelty and quirk in the excellent self service wine dispensers and then all wrapped up in a wonderfully warm and welcoming atmosphere. The Black Bottle is an excellent venue for pre or post dinner drinks, but I’ll admit that when I visit it tends to be for the entire evening. The long sociable and chic tables call out for a night chit chatting with friends and the novel idea of red wine and white wine rooms means you can explore every corner in your hunt for that perfect glass of vino. I have been known to spend the best part of the evening purchasing taster size splashes from a wide variety of wine’s before settling on my favourite and buying the bottle… not on my own you understand. And I must recommend accompanying your wine with a platter of Iberico ham and cheese, delicious!

In this relaxed wine bar with its effortlessly chic interior, warm atmosphere and wine connoisseurs you feel you should be wearing something suitably effortless and chic. But as I mentioned before, we also want a bit of colour to remind us that it is in fact Spring after all, despite what looking out the rain splashed windows would suggest. And that pop of colour is what really suits this place, it’s quirk and it’s fun approach to wine tasting and discovery. There is no wine snobbishness here, just open and friendly wine appreciation! So the outfit I have chosen from Winchester High Street this week is the perfect mix of Winchester elegance and Friday night fun, which is how I would describe The Black Bottle itself.

Happy Weekend Wintonians!

words Emily Parrett @NormalityAndMe

photographs via theblackbottle.co.uk/

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