What’s in my bag? Interviewing the Capital FM designer

On Monday I went to interview Jade Nias of Jade Elizabeth boutique (http://jadeelizabethboutique.webs.com/) about her popstar-inspired collection for Capital FM. You’ll have to wait until W/S magazine comes out to read the interview, though. On the day,  I was personally very excited to be doing a proper journalistic interview that I wanted to share with you just how professional the contents of my bag looked!

Winchester Fashion Week Notebook and pencil – because we can’t always rely on technology, and while I’m not that great at writing quickly (I should really learn shorthand) it’s always handy to have a back-up.

Voice recorder – so useful for getting everything I needed recorded so I could easily type it up later, and it helped make the interview more of a chat because I wasn’t constantly writing things down. Perhaps a note for future reference is to do an interview somewhere without strange music in the background which I had to listen to when transcribing the interview.

Laptop – good for keeping questions on and checking any facts online (as long as you are somewhere with Wi-Fi)

Wallet and money – we went to the Art Cafe on Jury Street, where I had a delicious pain au raisin. If we had been in London, the underground map printed on the wallet (which was purchased in the Winchester Christmas market) might have been useful too.

Camera – just in case we needed any shots to go with the article

Diary – for the unlikely event that I might forget when Fashion Week is. And if you haven’t got it written in your diaries yet, what are you waiting for? It’s the 9th-16th of June, save the date!

words Alys Key @FashionMoriarty


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