Where & Wear – The Black Boy

Hello Wintonians. I hope you’re looking forward to your weekend? I’ve been told on good authority – the weatherman – that this weekend will finally be a bit cheerier as we get some long overdue springtime. I can’t wait. I think therefore, that we better get ourselves outside this weekend and remember what fresh air smells like! What better way to do this than another of Winchester’s finest pubs and pub gardens to share time with friends and family?

This week I’m taking you to one of Winchester’s most eccentric and long standing best pubs, The Black Boy. I took you to it’s more elegant and sophisticated younger sister a few weeks back in The Black Bottle, but this pub has more of a relaxed and arty vibe to it. Sit amongst upside-down Christmas tree’s, various pieces of taxidermy, old movie posters and general rustic charm in this higgledy-piggledy pub serving beers, wines and spirits with a smile. Grab a bite with their classic pub fair menu’s as you sit under the warming heaters in new tub chairs of the garden/patio area whilst laughing with friends. Nothing beats The Black Boy for classic pub charm and a chilled afternoon of leisurely and social drinking.

So no need to make too much of an effort here, this place is about feeling comfortable with friends and not trying to impress Winchester’s fashionista’s. Of course we still like to look on trend here at Winchester Fashion Week so here’s how I would style a relaxed arty look perfect for The Black Boy’s ambiance from Winchester high street.

words Emily Parrett @NormalityAndMe


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