Hunting down the Union Jack on Winchester High Street

You will not have failed to notice how the Winchester high street has become overrun with everything best of British with hordes of union jack emblazoned products and Jubilee memorabilia. I went on a hunt with my camera to capture everything patriotic I could find:

Cath Kidston – You need to check out the collection of Jubilee products in Cath Kidston. From tea towels, mugs, plates and badges to clothing, flags and decorations – it’s a feast for the eyes!

Angels @ The Market: You can also spot a lot of union jacks on the array of market stalls on the high street such as these purses by Angels.

Dinghams – If you’re looking for any kind of union jack crockery or homewares – this is the place to go.

Waterstones – If you’re looking for some best of British related books and stationary, Watersones and WH Smith have plenty between them. I spotted this Great British Book of Baking in the window of Waterstones.

Have you seen any more British inspired collections in any of our high street stores?

words and photographs Alix Rothnie @alixroth


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