Girl’s Night Out… in style!

It never fails to amaze me how many events are thrown which I never even hear about… until it is too late. But this time I was on the ball, checking the events that Winchester and Basingstoke discovery centres were holding, and came across a gem.

The ‘Girl’s Night Out’ was advertised as an evening of fashion, beauty and style. It did not fail to disappoint! With the main entertainment, the fashion show, covering style from the ‘50s right through to now, finishing with a brilliantly fun take on patriotism, with union jacks all round, plenty of blue,red and white, and even a bit of bunting thrown in to accessorise a classic white t-shirt. But it was not only the clothes; the models (all employees at Monsoon or Next, or friends) had beautifully styled hair and makeup too.

As well as the fashion show, there were stalls from Lush, Virgin Holidays, Hotel Chocolat, Monsoon, Next and Shear Beauty. With everything from salted caramel chocolate buttons to sample at Hotel Chocolat, to demonstrations of ‘50s and ‘60s styled hair at Shear Beauty and the wonderfully bubbly bath bombs at Lush, we got a taster of everything (except, unfortunatley, the badly needed holiday!).

The really striking thing about the evening, though, was the way that every style on the catwalk is available in Monsoon and Next this season; this just goes to show the extent to which we have recycled trends as well as the versatility of the clothing available. Accessorising and wearing a style with pride and confidence goes a long way to creating the effect of an outfit.

Speaking to the Manager of the team from Next, I got an idea of the amount of work that went in to creating this evening. For two weeks, she has been researching the trends from different eras, searching out the clothes and accessories and styling every outfit in her take on the era. And it definitely paid off!

Everyone had a smile on their face and a giggle or two definitely slipped out, both at the commentator’s jokes and at the spontaneous finale of the catwalk; a conga line of red, white and blue. The atmosphere was relaxed and fun, with people who clearly had a love for the music and clothes of each era.

Walking out of the door, past the tantalizing citrus-sweet scents of the Lush stand which greeted everyone so warmly, I couldn’t help but feel satisfied with the evening. I enjoyed beauty and fashion without having to spend a penny!

words and images Bryony Symes

One Response to “Girl’s Night Out… in style!”
  1. Thanks Bryony! We enjoyed it too. None of those jokes were planned…

    If you want to stay up to date with future events you can sign up below!


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