We’ve reached 50 posts!!!

Hello there! This is our 50th post! Where has the time gone? I really do hope you have enjoyed reading our posts so far! Don’t forget to keep checking back in the big run up to fashion week (9th-16th June!) for some more fabulous posts and teasers for some events you can expect! We’ll also be blogging and vlogging behind-the-scenes live during all the fashion week goings-on so don’t miss out!

We can also just announce that the official WFW website has launched! Take a look here: http://www.winchesterfashionweek.com/. TICKETS NOW ON SALE!! DON’T MISS OUT!!

If you missed it the other day, make sure you catch our MD Anna Ackroyd speaking about WFW on the Katie Martin Show @ BBC Solent!! Have a listen here about an hour in: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/console/p00s16bd !!

At this blogging milestone, I would like to say a big thank you to the amazing WFW journo team Katie Fisher, Alys Key, Emily Parrett, Alice Plaskett, Bryony Symes and Olivia Ward-Hands for all of their post contributions so far! Here’s our top 5 posts since we launched this blog back on March 9th (just in case you’ve missed out):

1. Sense, Sensibility and Style: Fashion in the time of Jane Austen

2. Winchester Fashion Sense – are we all just Croquet and Cafés?

3. Trend Report / Sports Luxe

4. Calling all vintage lovers!

5. WFW love: Textile designer Antii Sullivan

Have a lovely day in this sunshine!

words alix rothnie @alixroth


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