BA Fashion Marketing and Media Taster Event


Did you know that the UK fashion industry contributes around 20.93 billion to the GDP every year?

Clearly, fashion is big business, and it’s getting bigger. And with big industry comes the opportunity
for all sorts of new jobs. That’s why the new Fashion Marketing and Media course at the University
of Winchester is a fantastic option for anyone who wants to work in the fashion industry.

At a special taster event for Winchester Fashion Week, Professor David Birks and Dr Savithri Bartlett
explained how fashion will open up new work opportunities and what the University’s new course
has to offer for future fashion-workers.

David’s lecture focussed on the links between fashion, marketing and media. Many people might fail
to take fashion seriously as an industry, but David argued that issues of sustainability and ethics are
not to be taken lightly, which is why the degree includes modules on responsibility fashion. He also
explained that the degree structure will be multi-disciplinary to ensure that graduates have the right
skills to turn their hands to whatever may be required. Instead of a dissertation, students will be
able to build up a portfolio and get a feel for what it is like to work in the field through volunteering
or consultancy.

David also emphasised the importance of networking within the fashion industry, using our
refreshment break between talks as an example of a time when one can associate with new people.
The University of Winchester itself has international links with businesses and establishments which
will enrich the course, such as the National Institute for Fashion Technology in India.

Savithri’s lecture proved that fashion will open up new opportunities for graduates of the course
in the future. The audience was amazed by videos of advances in fashion technology such as a
spray-on T-shirt and garments which dissolve in water. The event ended with a discussion between
the audience and the speakers in which we spoke about the importance of innovation in fashion,
particularly for the British sector of the industry. It is really exciting to think about what might
happen in the future of fashion, and I personally left full of excitement for the infinite potential of
fashion in the future.

Find out more about the course on the University of Winchester website:

words Alys Key @FashionMoriarty


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